Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sewing Granny

Just to clarify: I would have and will welcome grandchildren of either gender to our family! However, I do admit to the joy of sewing for girls. So far, it's been blankies and pillows, but soon I will be able to make them cute little summer dresses and accessories! I started this past week with some little totes/beds for their baby dolls. Here they are:

Such pretty fabrics! They were given to me by a dear friend.
A good stiff interfacing keeps the baskets in shape.

Little pillows and blankets are included, of course.

I also made some cuddly flannel pillow cases for their reading corner.
The package is in the mail, and I look forward to their reaction...

1 comment:

emi said...

Goodness, owls are so popular right now. Like the fabric.