Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April flowers > May showers?

After a few days of cooler weather we're back to sunny highs again. The plants, trees and flowers desperately need rain; we've never had to water the garden this early! Everything is blooming all at once now - the last fading daffodils and the first peonies don't usually meet, and the flowers of the month for May, lilies of the valley, will probably be gone by the time next month arrives. No wonder the bleeding hearts are mourning!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Record highs and early vegetation

This past weekend we experienced temperatures of over 30° here in central Europe! That's an absolutely unprecedented high for April. It's nice to sit outside in the sun in summer clothes, of course, but there is a downside - allergies. What with the vegetation being several weeks ahead of the normal schedule, hayfever and co. are wreaking havoc for those affected.

It has cooled off again, but there are early surprises when I'm out walking - like the scent of lilacs already blooming. And though I usually love the smell of flowers, there is one that I don't appreciate - broom. We have a big, beautiful bush in the front yard; it looks gorgeous, but its scent is overpoweringly unpleasant.