Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I love early mornings

I love to get out and walk before breakfast, when the air is cool and fresh, and the rising sun warms my face. OK, sometimes the rain gets me wet instead, but even that isn't bad at the beginning of the day.

I love puttering about the house, picking up things that were left lying around on the previous evening, wandering from one flower pot to another with the watering can, emptying the dishwasher or filling the washing machine. It's delightful to be the only one awake, to sit down with the first cup of tea and the morning paper, enjoying the quiet.

It's great to have a leisurely shower, to choose something nice to wear, to have a real breakfast, to turn on the computer: checking e-mails, new posts on my favorite forum, and the most interesting blogs in hopes of new entries. It's fun to go to my sewing table and rearrange the project I'm working on because I woke up with a great idea.

There's only one thing I don't like about early mornings - they're not nearly long enough!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Temperatures have dropped significantly in August; according to Centigrade degrees, we have only half of what we experienced in July - 20° instead of 40°! I don't mind at all; as I have lots of work to do at the computer and sewing machine, which are both located way upstairs, I appreciate the more comfortable temperature range. I feel much more energetic and am getting a lot accomplished.

It's all about priorities, of course - I'm not spending much time online when I'm at my PC, but am translating an article for a Tolkien-related book from German to English. That takes up many hours, though it is an enjoyable task.

Too busy living to blog about it...