Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's the current state of things on my fabric book. When I pieced this page using the green/white fabric, I had no idea that it would become the background for woods. I'm very happy with the effect now, especially with the light shading at the top and darker shadows at the bottom of the page. I added some fallen leaves and suspect that a mushroom or two may show up sometime in the future.

To the left you can see the button flowers I added to the previous page. It's not quite complete yet, but will have to wait until I have time to get back to it.

Work on my fabric book is currently on ice, as a friend and I are sewing a wall hanging for our church. I designed and sewed lettering for the motto "Sing and play unto the Lord". It's all paper-pieced, and I'm very pleased with the way it looks. The letters are made of a glittery gold-patterned fabric; we have paper-pieced instruments and musical symbols for the wall hanging and are now beginning to assemble all of the elements.