Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warning to all handcrafters!

Do not use any animal pawprints in your products!! A most ridiculous but alas genuine legal problem has arisen for handcrafters who used pawprints, mostly those of cats, because a sportswear company whose logo is a wolf's pawprint has sued them. This, of course, gives them the legal rights to all pawprints regardless of their nature. Speaking of nature - perhaps Mother Nature will be the next to be sued?

Do make sure that you wipe your pet's paws carefully before it walks across your carpet - it could be mistaken for a fake sportswear product. Whatever you do, don't take pictures of that and publish them on the internet.

This concerns the Jack Wolfskin company in Germany; for more information, just google the name - you'll find plenty of blogs and newsposts, mostly in German but certainly some in English as well.

Here's a link to start with: