Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The fabric scrapbook I made four years ago to collect memories of Tolkien events is full. I could take out some of the pages and replace them with new ones for this year, but I know that people love to page through past memories. I decided to make a new book for the events coming up in this and the following years. Since I don't repeat myself unless absolutely necessary, this one is different: blue instead of green, and it uses the Earendil heraldic emblem designed by Tolkien, machine-embroidered by a friend of mine. I will hand-embroider Tolkien's initials logo on the back. I am using the "Road goes ever on" poem for the inside cover again, since that accompanies me throughout my life. I've printed it (mirrored) onto transfer paper and will iron it on white fabric. Inside I'm using key rings to hold the loose-leaf pages. That allows me to add new ones as long as the book has space for them.

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